Apple has temporarily suspended product sales in Turkey

Over the years, Apple has expanded the number of retail locations and its geographical coverage, with 515 stores across 25 countries worldwide. Recently it was reported that Apple’s official online store is still operating in Turkey, but due to accelerating the depreciation of the Turkish currency.

Apple temporarily suspended the sale of its products in Turkey. Notable currency fluctuations in Turkey, which is why it is currently impossible to add any device to a shopping cart or make a purchase in an Apple Store.


The Turkish Lira is currently equal to around US$0.078. It has fallen by about 40% in 2021 and 20% last week. The lira has declined by 45 percent against the US dollar in the past year.

So far, Apple has not told anything that when will resume in Turkey, But with the inflation rate approaching 20%, and Turkish President Erdogan refusing to raise interest rates, the decline could continue.

(Source: Sina Technology)

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