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Apple HomePod can adjust the volume of Siri as per the environment: Patent

by RPRNA Group

An Apple invention patent was approved in the United States on April 1. The voice assistant can automatically adjust the volume according to the environment to communicate with the user, making it easy to hear clearly in a noisy environment.


The hardware needed for this patent includes microphones, processors, storage devices, etc. The smart speaker can monitor the ambient volume through the built-in microphone. If the room is quiet, the voice assistant will lower the volume and speak softly.

If the environment is very noisy, like cooking or turning on the TV, the voice assistant’s volume will be automatic Improve to ensure that users can hear clearly.

This patent can also be adapted according to the volume of the user’s command. If the user’s volume is louder, the volume of Siri feedback will also increase. If in a scene such as a party, the user wakes up Siri by shouting, then the smart speaker will reply with the same volume and “yell” to the user to ensure that they can hear clearly.

The current Apple HomePod min smart speaker is priced at 749 yuan (114.05  USD), not only compatible with the phone’s Siri voice assistant but also capable of controlling HomeKit smart home devices. Apple’s patent does not require additional hardware, so it is expected to be able to log in to HomePod mini through subsequent OTA upgrades.


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