Apple iCloud services that are not end-to-end encrypted

Apple iCloud services

Apple iCloud services are familiar for their storage facilities as well as sharing features among iOS consumers. However, as the latest information reveals, most of its services remain unencrypted. Hence, it can be accessible for Apple at any time.

Before jumping on to the list of services, here is a brief meaning of what iCloud service is?

Apple iCloud Services

The iCloud service of the American firm is a platform for storing and sharing files. A user can easily store his documents, images, audio, videos, and much more on this board. Moreover, he can back up these elements and can download them from any iOS server to their device. It further also helps in restoring the data, when the device is lost or stolen.

However, our prime mover came up with the information that reveal a notable fact. He says that not every service on iCloud remains end-to-end encrypted. This simply means that Apple is able to read those applications and information that are in link to iCloud and are in cleartext.

List of iCloud services

Here we are replicating the tweet of our source, that showcases the list of services that don’t contain encryption security.

Accordingly, applications such as Calendars, Contacts, Notes, and others are not able to facilitate end-to-end encryption. Hence, Apple is able to learn about your information stored in these respective applications. We can hope for a new update that can bring the encryption provision to these applications in iCloud. Till then, users have to choose what to store and what not in iCloud storage.

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