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Apple iOS 16.5 update results in shocking battery drain issue

Apple iPhone users are not pleased with the latest iOS 16.5 build and the reason is the shocking battery drain issue. After installing the update, many consumers run to the community forums and social media platforms to describe the terrible experience accompanied by the new version.

“iOS 16.5 is deadly for the battery”, an Apple iPhone user tweeted this phrase after dealing with the issue. This is not it. Several fans said that they have been facing horrific battery life, slower charging times, and overheating with the latest firmware.

Gladly, Apple prioritizes its consumers’ experience. Hence, the company took a step in March 2022, by responding to why such an issue is appearing on many devices and how users can rescue from it. Eventually, the tech giant said that it is a normal process where the apps and features of the device try to adapt to the new OS.

Perhaps, users need to wait patiently for a few days or at least up to 48 hours and offer some time to their handset after an update. This will automatically solve the problem and the phone will start working normally within a short period.

Apple iOS 16.5 battery issue

Overall, the problem is quite temporary. It is so because when you install fresh firmware, a variety of operations take place in the background. Meanwhile, the data also optimize for the latest build, which ultimately revamps battery settings and other aspects of the device.

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Thus, giving some time to your handy gadget can resolve the problem to some extent. On the other hand, you can restart your iPhone and keep checking the battery’s health. If still the issue exists, then contact the Apple Support team.

Apple iOS 16.5 update results in shocking battery drain issue

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