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Apple iOS 17 likely to bring new lock screen features, control panel, and more

Apple iOS 17 is constantly making space in the news headlines for its dynamic features, including a new lock screen, control panel, Apple Music, App Library, and more. Let’s take a detailed view of these interesting tweaks.

According to a Weibo handle, Apple iOS 17 will bring a bunch of ultimate features for iPhone users, especially for the lock screen segment. In addition, the tipsters mentioned several other points that could be visible in the iOS 17 upgrade.

The upcoming version is already in rumors for a brand-new Control Center. Although the other information that the tipster penned down on the Weibo channel sounds new to the ears. Thus, we can say that Apple is cooking something delicious in its kitchen with the iOS 17 software.

Although it is worth mentioning that the source has never posted or revealed much on Apple topics. Hence, we can not say how far this leak will appear accurate to consumers. Probably we need to wait till June to see the features in real-time.

Till then, you can check out what the tipster anticipated for the coming iOS 17 version:

  • Lock Screen font size options
  • A button to share custom lock screen designs with other iPhone users
  • Apple Music lyrics can be viewed on the lock screen
  • Apple Music design changes with a simplified interface
  • App Library folders can be manually renamed
  • Control Center design changes
  • The flashlight brightness slider can be freely adjusted, like the volume slider.

Apple iOS 17 lock screen features


Apple iOS 17 likely to bring new lock screen features, control panel, and more

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