Apple iOS 17 customize wallpaper

Apple iOS 17 may let you customize iPhone wallpaper in better way

Apple iOS 17 may enable you to change and customize your iPhone’s wallpaper accordingly. That says a new input coming from the Twitter handle. If true, this would be an interesting and prominent feature for iPhone holders.

According to the Apple tipster @analyst941, the tech giant is planning to revamp the process to change and customize the wallpaper on iPhones, with the iOS 17 upgrade. Eventually, users will be able to utilize new ways to give an artistic look to the device’s home screen.

The details suggest that iOS 17 will introduce an all-new grid view for the wallpaper section. Consequently, this will bring up to 9+ wallpapers in front of your eyes at one time. Now you don’t have to constantly scroll your fingers through the screen to choose a new wall poster.

Next, you can swiftly opt for wallpaper deletion within the grid-view, and can further rearrange the order of these posters as per your accordance. That’s not it. You even have the chance to share or replicate the wallpapers.

Although for doing so, you need to enable the single-view first. But it’s easy. Swipe up and you can instantly change the view for the respective segment. Thus, the following tweaks are in rumors to come along with iOS 17:

  • All new Grid-view displays 9+ wallpapers at once.
  • Delete wallpapers quickly within the grid view.
  • Rearrange the order of wallpapers in a grid view.
  • Share or duplicate wallpapers by swiping up in single-view.

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Since the information is based on a leak and there is no official detail on this matter, we cannot put a confirmation. However, it would be good to see this feature aligned in the upcoming iOS version.

Apple iOS 17 customize wallpaper

Apple iOS 17 may let you customize iPhone wallpaper in better way

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