Apple iOS 17 lock screen interface

Apple iOS 17 will turn lock screen interface into smart home display

Apple iOS 17 could turn your ordinary lock screen interface into a smart home display. Yes! That’s what the latest report from the well-known observer Mark Gurman reads. It looks like, the next coming iOS version has a big bunch of tweaks related to the lock screen.

According to the details, iOS 17 will bring an updated lock screen interface for Apple iPhone fans. When not in use or rotated horizontally, the phone will highlight inputs regarding calendars, weather data, notifications, and more. Eventually, the display will act as a home data hug, bringing your everything in one place.

Further, when your iPhone will be attached to a MagSafe charging stand, the smart home display will mimic what users might see with a device like an Echo Show or Google Nest Hub.

With this functionality, Apple is trying to make its devices more useful and efficient for consumers. Especially at the time, when the phone is not being actively used and is positioned on a desk or nightstand. Here, the tech giant is also planning to use a dark background with lighter color text to make the information easy to read.

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In addition, the manufacturer is designing a horizontal interface for iPad devices. However, it would take more time and might appear later this year. Till then, these initiatives are good enough to excite Apple fans about the upcoming software upgrade.

Apple iOS 17 lock screen interface


Apple iOS 17 will turn lock screen interface into smart home display

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