Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 5G download speeds 130% faster than its predecessor: Ookla

In the first month of the iPhone 14’s launch, major institutions gave detailed evaluations and research reports on it. There are two reports that state that the average download speed of the new device in 5G is 38% to 50% faster than the previous generation device, and the median is more than 40% faster.

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New research from Ookla confirms that in the US, Apple’s iPhone 14 and 14 Pro phone performance has improved by more than 40%, but in another country, the median 5G speed of the iPhone 14 Pro Max has increased by 130%.

According to a research report published by SpeedSmart, Apple’s iPhone 14 series has seen impressive performance improvements in 5G download and upload speeds, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s download speeds are judging by the third-quarter mobile and fixed broadband report shared by Ookla, 50% faster than earlier products.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Download SpeedToday, Ookla shared a more detailed report analyzing the 5G performance of the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 by region. The median 5G download speed for Apple’s iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and Pro Max is faster than a recent study by Ookla, which had the highest download speed in the US at 177.92 Mbps.

In the US, Apple’s iPhone 14 had a median 5G download speed of 150.08 Mbps, compared to 109.48 Mbps for the iPhone 13 (about 37% faster). Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro had a speed of about 174.84 Mbps, while the iPhone 13 Pro had a speed of 121.08 Mbps (44% faster); the iPhone 14 Pro Max had a speed of 177.92, compared to the previous model’s 121.19 (46.8% faster).

However, the most magical change for Apple’s iPhone 14 series came in Brazil, where 5G speeds jumped directly from the 13 Pro Max’s 215.27 Mbps (median) to the 14 Pro Max’s impressive 493.31 Mbps, an increase of just under 130%.


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