Apple Mail on iOS 16 supports direct purchase of custom email domains

Apple released iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and other operating system updates during its keynote speech at WWDC 2022, bringing many new features. According to XDA, the Mail app on iOS 16 already supports the purchase of custom domains. Custom email domains are an iCloud Plus feature. People who subscribe to the service can link their domain name to iCloud Mail and create/use custom email addresses.


Apple has built-in the ability to directly search for purchased domains in the Mail app on iOS 16. Users can change the regular [email protected] to a custom [email protected], and can also invite home users to use the same custom email domain name.

As can be seen from the test screenshots, users can directly find the desired domain name in the mail app, and the relevant results of the annual payment will be listed below the search bar, and then they can purchase the domain name through the Cloudflare service.

Moreover, this interface has appeared in the iOS 16 developer preview beta, and it is expected that this feature will be rolled out to more users in the future.


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