Apple patents an advanced Face ID that uses facial heat mapping for accurate authentication

by Ashish

Biometric authentication is a process using which smartphone users can unlock their smartphone without needing the passcode or any password. The phone makers provide two different types of biometrics such as the fingerprint scanner and facial recognition.

Likewise, Apple also started with the Touch ID and later on switched to face authentication which was introduced with iPhone X. The Face ID recognition in the iPhones are already too strong to break and the company is now planning for an advanced Face ID.

As per the latest news, Apple has recently applied for a new patent related to the Face ID security system. The patent details shows a new technology that uses facial heat mapping for face recognition authentication. The patent is filed with the US patent and trademark office.

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The current Face authentication system also works accurately, but it does not work in case you have worn accessories such as glass, mask, or any other obstruction. However, the new face unlocks technology of Apple which maps heat from the user’s face will work accurately in any condition. The heat map may be in the form of a grid that represents different regions of your face’s surface to get recognized.

The value of occlusion for these regions will be taken as a unique signature which is then recorded by the device. It means that each person’s face will be uniquely identified by the Apple device. Although,  as of now there is no actual confirmation if the company will use this technology in its devices or not. If it does then we’ll receive more leaks regarding this.


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