Apple plans for thinner MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with SD-card slot: Report

Apple is planning for several new MacBooks to launch in the near future. Also after getting criticized for not updating its MacBook lineup, the company has been working on a flood of new changes. Along with its new generation self-made CPU, Apple Silicon M1 chips, the US tech giant will make several new improvements in the upcoming MacBooks.

According to the latest news from Bloomberg, the new generation’s MacBook Pro will come with the support for Micro-SD card. The users will be able to use the SD cards in the MacBooks Pro that was only possible with the help of an additional accessory in the older versions.

The SD card feature was removed with the MacBooks of 2016 and now Apple will again provide this feature with its next generation of MacBook Pro models. The current models only come with a USB Type-C port on both sides and users have to attach additional accessories in order to use other ports.

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The MacBook Air models are also expected to receive some changes over the previous ones. The current MacBooks are already light and thin but still, the company is working on the ultra thinner and lighter version. It is also said that a larger version of the MacBook Air with a 15-inch display is in the works.

The MagSafe technology which was removed from the 2018 MacBook Air will also make its come back. Although it remains to be seen, what actual changes the Cupertino based tech giant will make in the upcoming MacBooks and what price range will be decided for the lower end MacBook Air.