Apple Podcasts upcoming update will display follower details for creators

Apple Podcasts update

Apple is soon going to initiate an update with better improvements for its Podcasts application. Apart from the improvements, the update will bring some immense add ons for the app. Consequently, the creators will be able to check on the followers’ facts and figures in their Podcasts service.

What will arrive with the new update?

The next month, Apple Podcasts update adds some of the facilities for which one has to glide their hands over subscription pack. Now the creators can have the benefits of keeping an eye on their followers. For doing so, they have to navigate on the Analytics option. Here, they can note the followers per show. Moreover, they can track the number of followers as per the time (days, weeks, or months).

Apple Podcasts update

Furthermore, the Trend menu showcases a graph about how many followers are achieved or lost within a specific time. Eventually, the followers of the creators will also act as a sign to subscribe to the particular show or channel of that creator. It also enables the creator to arrange their subscription banner and messages for their show accordingly.


The new update will also exhibit a “Jump Start” element. As a result, it will enable the creators to request instantly the Podcasts systems and programs for their better subscription. This will help to cast their show in a much better way. Next, it also gives access to MP3/WAV/FLAC files so that even non-technical designers can enjoy the benefits of this application.

Via – MacRumors

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