Apple third macOS 13.4 RC

Apple releases third macOS Ventura 13.4 RC to developers

Apple is rolling out the third macOS Venture 13.4 RC (Release Candidate) build for developers and beta testers. In recent times, the company has pushed several beta firmware related to the upcoming upgrade. And it seems like, this is the last RC-based update.

A few days ago, the American tech maker released an updated version of iOS 16.5 RC for specific users. While the firmware did not carry any additional changes, it brought in some useful and effective improvements for iPhone devices.

Following the iOS release, Apple now seeded the third macOS Venture 13.4 RC. According to the latest inputs, the RC 3 for developers and public beta testers is appearing with the 22F66 build number. Whereas, the first and second RC arrived as 22F62 and 22F63 versions respectively.

Speaking of the changes, macOS 13.4 will come as an appetizer for Mac users. In other words, it will be a minor upgrade that will have a few useful features and a huge bundle of fixes. The primary motive of this update is to offer a firm and reliable experience to consumers.

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However, the constant rollouts of new RC builds are creating confusion among Apple fans. While the company has confirmed to reveal the official upgrade this week, we are still attaining RC versions.

Perhaps, we hope this firmware to be the final addition in the Release Candidate phase, and that the tech giant will soon present the stable version to general consumers. In the meantime, registered developers can download the beta through the Apple Developer Center and explore new fixes and optimizations in the update.

Apple third macOS 13.4 RC


Apple releases third macOS Ventura 13.4 RC to developers

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