Apple reportedly working on its own search engine against Google

by Ashish

As per some reports and observations of the US antitrust authorities, Apple might be working on creating its own search engine breaking the deal with Google. As of now, Google pays around $8 to $12 billion payment per year to secure its place as a default search engine for iPhone.

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With the introduction of its latest version of the operating system, the change can be easily noticed when users search for any queries on the home screen or go through any links, Apple shows its own search results despite Google’s search results.

As per the reports by FT, There are many other observations that confirm that Apple is trying to make its own search engine. The company also advertised, inviting search engineers and implementing their creativity in Apple’s search technology.

Search marketing experts also noticed increased activity from Applebot.  These bots appear more than before on any search made by the users, which indicates that Apple is trying to gather more information.

More importantly, when you search for any queries on the home screen that can be accessed by swiping right from your iPhone’s home screen. It shows search results of its own rather than Google results.

It takes about a 20bn-50bn pages inactive index to create any reasonable search engine. Apple has got enough resources for making its own search engine including the top quality engineers. But it will take some time to create a search engine to compete with Google.

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