Apple urges suppliers to tackle greenhouse gas emissions


Apple today called on its suppliers to take new measures to address greenhouse gas emissions and take further steps to achieve decarbonization.

In a press release today, Apple said the company will evaluate the work of its manufacturing partners to encourage them to decarbonize Apple-related businesses and use 100% renewable energy and will track and audit progress annually.

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Apple will also specifically work with suppliers that are “making measurable progress on decarbonization,” encourage suppliers to address greenhouse gas emissions beyond their Apple production, and provide suppliers with a set of free e-learning through the Clean Energy Program Resources and live training sessions.

Moreover, Apple itself has achieved carbon neutrality since 2020, but its long-term goal is to achieve carbon neutrality throughout its supply chain and product life cycle by 2030.

Apple Greenhouse Gas EmissionSince 2015, Apple has reduced its emissions by 40 percent, mainly due to improvements in energy efficiency, low-carbon design, carbon neutrality of corporate operations, and transitioning its supply chain to renewable electricity.

Apple said more than 200 suppliers, which account for more than 70% of the company’s direct manufacturing spending, have committed to using clean energy such as wind or solar in all of Apple’s products, including Corning, Nitto Denko, SK Hynix, STMicroelectronics, TSMC and Yutong.


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