Apple will not allow installing iPhone apps on the M1 Macs

by Ashish

Apple launched its new Macs and MacBooks back in 2020 with its self made Apple Silicon chip announcing the transition from Intel processors to M1 Silicon chip. These M1 macs are getting support for many software as a part of the transition process and we have received the latest news regarding iPhone apps compatibility on M1 Macs.

Previously it was reported that Apple will soon start to block the users from sideloading iPhone and iPad applications to M1 Macs. And now the company has implemented this change which means that the apps like iMazing will no longer be supported to load iPhone and iPad applications.

Is that mean you will not be able to load any application on your M1 Macs? This is not the case as until now you could manually install the apps like Netflix, Instagram, and FaceBook on your M1 Mac by using respective IPA files downloaded with a valid Apple ID.

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As suggested by 9to5Mac, from now this will be no longer possible on the M1 Mac except the application is available on Mac App Store. Apple has overturned the necessary server-side switch to block iPhone and iPad applications from being installed on Apple Silicon Macs.

The new change applies to the M1 Macs running macOS BigSur 11.1 and also to the developer or public beta of macOS BigSur 11.2. If you go for installing the iPhone or iPad app on your M1 Mac running macOS BigSur 11.1 you will encounter an error message which says ‘try again later’.

As this change is applied, the applications will now be loaded on the M1 Macs from now. However, the application which is already downloaded will run smoothly without any effect.

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