Apple’s MacBook and iPad production delayed due to supply shortage

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According to the reports, Apple delayed the production of MacBook and iPad products due to supply shortages. Apple declined to comment, Hong Kong stocks Apple concept stocks fell short-term.

People familiar with the matter, the chip shortage has caused pauses in a key step in MacBook production, which is to install components on printed circuit boards before final assembly.


Along with this, the assembly of some iPads was delayed, all because of the shortage of displays and display components.  It is worth mentioning that Foxconn previously stated that due to global chip shortages, shipments are expected to decrease by 10%.

Foxconn chairman Liu Yangwei stated in an earnings conference call that Foxconn is “cautiously optimistic” about the outlook for the rest of the year. Apple has delayed some of its parts orders from the first half of this year to the second half of this year.

Industry sources and experts said that this delay reveals that the core shortage problem is getting more and more serious, and if it continues, it may have a serious impact on smaller technology companies.

As reported, Apple’s production plan for the iconic iPhone has not been affected by the supply shortage so far, although the supply of some parts of the device is “quite right”. The Nikkei News believes that, overall, the shortage of parts is still a problem in Apple’s supply chain and has not yet affected consumer product supply.

Apple sells about 200 million iPhones, more than 20 million Macbooks, 19 million iPad, and more than 70 million pairs of AirPods every year. These products are among the top five in the world in their respective fields.