Apple’s new iPad Pro and TV remote are not equipped with U1 positioning chip

by Ashish

Apple’s new iPad Pro 2021 and TV remote control are not equipped with a U1 positioning chip. Apple is very picky about devices equipped with this chip. iPhone 11 and newer models and Apple Watch Series 6 have been equipped, but the chip has not yet landed in the iPad or MacBook product line.

The Verge said that Apple will build an ecosystem that will allow any Apple device to easily find other Apple devices. But now, users will only be able to use the new iPhone to find AirTag.

At the beginning of this month, Apple announced the launch of the Find My network accessory program, allowing third-party accessories to integrate with the Find My application.

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Third-party accessories that support U1 chip ultra-wideband technology will be able to provide a “more precise and directional search experience when you are nearby”, making it easier to track an item to a specific location.

Today, Apple released the AirTag tracker, priced at 229 yuan for a single package and 779 yuan for a four-piece package. AirTag can be attached to items such as keys and wallets for tracking, allowing you to find them directly in the “Find My” app.


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