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Apple supplier Foxconn increased employee bonuses before the production of iPhone 13

by Ashish

iPhone manufacturer, Foxconn, an Apple supplier, is taking measures to expand its workforce by offering higher bonuses to new employees in Zhengzhou, China, and will begin production of the iPhone 13.

According to the South China Morning Post, the latest bonus increase is the third time a supplier has tried to attract new employees this month. In a company-wide announcement on Thursday, Foxconn stated that if new employees work for 90 days and have been on the job for at least 55 days, they will receive a bonus of $1,158.

According to the latest announcement issued by iDPBG on Thursday, every new employee will receive a bonus of RMB 7,500 (US$1,158) if they work 90 days and are on duty for at least 55 days.

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This amount is an increase from the 6,500 yuan provided on April 26 and the 6,000 yuan provided on April 15. This is more than double the 3,500 yuan bonus offered at the end of March.

Foxconn declined to comment on the reasons behind the new bonus and said that “for company policy and commercial sensitivity considerations,” Foxconn did not comment on operations or customer work.

However, the new bonus can be seen as a sign that suppliers are starting to prepare for the “iPhone 13” that will be launched in the second half of this year. Unlike the iPhone 12 lineup, which was postponed due to the global health crisis, the “iPhone 13” is scheduled to be launched at the normal release time in September.

It is expected that the separate iPhone 13 lineup consisting of four independent models will include sizes that match current iPhone products. Rumor has it that the new phone has an improved camera, a faster processor, and many minor but important design changes.


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