Linux 6.2 kernel will natively support Apple M1 series devices

According to the merge of the Asahi Linux kernel submitted via soc. git this week, the Linux kernel mainline will support the device tree of Apple M1 Pro / Max / Ultra devices in the next version, which is Linux 6.2.

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Additionally, the submission specifically mentions compatibility with Apple’s Mac Studio, a device powered by an M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip.

Linux 6.2 kernel Apple M1 SeriesCurrently, only a few downstream kernels such as Asahi Linux support Apple M1 series chips, and when Linux 6.2 is released, there will be good out-of-the-box support for Apple M1 series hardware in Linux and distributions other than Asahi Linux, but drivers and patches still need follow-up improvement.

Moreover, Asahi Linux is an organized group that studies Linux for Apple Silicon macs. It has successfully run its distribution on the M1 MacBook Air laptop before, and the latest version has supported the M2 chip.


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