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New India social media regulations won’t affect Apple Messages

by Ashish

According to the latest news, Apple has withdrawn its demand that Apple Messages comply with a series of social media rules and the company has also appointed a local complaint staff.

Previously, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has banned several apps and also asked Apple to remove TikTok from its App Store. Apple Messages was reportedly included in the social media platform due to the new Indian laws.

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According to the latest news, the MEITY has taken down the letter sent, while some report suggests that Apple has successfully convinced the regulatory about Apple Messages is not a social media platform.

“Apple’s iMessage is not an app available that can be downloaded by anyone. It is an SMS-like feature of the phone and hence MEITY has withdrawn a letter issued to Apple for seeking compliance.” the sources told Business Standard.

India’s new social media regulations that came into effect on May 26, forced several social media platforms to abide by the new rules and regulations. As per the new norms, the social media platform operating in India must appoint a specific offer responsible for complaints, and it should be from India.


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