New leak reveals Apple will launch iPhone 14 Plus phone, not the iPhone 14 Max

According to the latest report, it was previously reported that Apple’s larger-screen, more affordable iPhone 14 model is called “iPhone 14 Max”. But now new news says that Apple may revive the iPhone “Plus” brand and call the upcoming flagship “iPhone 14 Plus.”

Apple hasn’t used the word “Plus” on an iPhone since the iPhone 8 Plus five years ago when the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released together. In 2022, as suppliers ramp up shipments of components, Apple is gearing up to launch four iPhone 14 series models, likely to be released in September, one of which is called the “iPhone 14 Plus” (previously the “iPhone 14 Max” ).


On the Korean website Naver, the revealer Laznuk claimed that Apple will retain the iPhone 14 Pro naming scheme, while the iPhone 14 Plus will be a cheaper model with a 6.7-inch LTPS OLED screen. The regular 6.1-inch version with dual rear cameras will be named iPhone 14.

It might be better to use “iPhone 14 Plus” instead of “iPhone 14 Max,” which would reduce confusion among Apple consumers. Since “iPhone 14 Max” and iPhone 14 Pro Max sound almost identical, that means some customers may not be able to distinguish the subtle differences in the names and end up buying the incorrect model.

However, in terms of appearance, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is equipped with three rear cameras, while the iPhone 14 Plus is only equipped with two cameras on the back, so the distinction is quite obvious.

The leaks show that the iPhone 14 Plus will be equipped with the largest battery of all four models in the iPhone 14 series, with a built-in A15 Bionic chip instead of the more advanced A16 Bionic – which is said to be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max chip.

The iPhone 14 Plus will be equipped with a 60Hz refresh rate LTPS notch screen, and the starting price of 128GB capacity is expected to be USD 1015. Although the hardware is far inferior to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with the name of “Apple’s cheapest 6.7-inch mobile phone” and the largest battery capacity in the whole series, it is expected to become Apple’s best-selling model since the iPhone XR / iPhone 11.


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