Next two generations iPhone sales may be weak and Apple might have to plan for its foldable iPhone: Report

After two-quarters of strong iPhone 12 sales, analysts expect future sales to slow down. This may be the reason why Apple’s share price has fallen since the release of its brilliant quarterly earnings report.

When it released its second-quarter financial report on April 28, Apple also hinted that its June quarter performance would slow down. Apple claims that the June quarter has fallen more than the March quarter than a few years ago. Wall Street is also not optimistic that the iPhone 13 released this year can boost iPhone sales.

Barclays Bank analyst Tim Long (Long) said that the next two generations of iPhone sales may be weak. The past model shows that after one generation of iPhone is hot, there will be two generations of weak sales. “The folding screen iPhone may be launched in 2023. 15 will be hot sale”.

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Since the beginning of this year, Apple’s stock price has fallen by 1.9%, causing some people to call Apple stock “dead money.”

Via – MacRumors

As of the close of the market on the 7th local time, Apple’s stock price rose by 0.69 US dollars, an increase of 0.53%, to close at 130.21 US dollars, which was 131.26 US dollars higher during the session.