Top 100 iOS apps receives subscription worth $10.3 billion in 2020: Report

The spendings on top iOS apps have been increased in 2020 for the non-gaming apps which grew more than 34% on a year-on-year basis up from 9.7 billion in 2019 to 13 million USD in 2020, says a new report from Sensor Tower.

As per the data, the subscription app revenue from the apps purchased from Apple App Store and Google Play Store have accounted for around 11.7% of the total 111 billion USD that the users spent on the in-app purchases last year.

The spending on the subscription-based apps on the Apple App Store was way more than what was on the Google Play Store. The only sector where the Play Store beats Apple is in terms of the year on year growth of the US users spending on the subscription apps.

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However, Google took a lead in terms of subscription app spendings both in the global market and in the US. YouTube received the highest earnings from both the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app earned a total of 991.7 million USD in gross revenue globally while it received 562 million USD in the United States.


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