Belkin introduce new 3-in-1 wireless charger for Apple Watch 7

On November 19, Belkin released a new three-in-one wireless charger and The BoostCharge Pro Portable Fast Charging. These chargers support the Apple Magsafe charging case and a new three-in-one wireless charger the first third-party wireless charger to support Apple Watch 7 fast charging.

According to the information, this Belkin’s new three-in-one charger can support three Apple devices at the same time with a fast-charging benefaction, supporting iPhone 15W MagSafe full-speed charging, Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging, and AirPods Qi charging.



Right now Belkin’s new chargers are the only third-party fast chargers on the market. If the pattern of last year’s glacial MagSafe rollout is anything to go by, it will take some time for other companies to gain approval, to make other choices from Apple.

Availability of charger:

The BoostCharge Pro Portable Fast Charger and BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with MagSafe are both devices accessible from Belkin and Apple’s respective websites in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. Will be available in other regions in the coming days.

Price details:

This three-in-one charger is priced at 150 US dollars, about 957 yuan, including a 40W power adapter and BoostCharger Pro Apple Watch portable fast charger, named Belkin’s solo charger that beneficence Apple Watch 7 fast charging, that priced at 59.95 US dollars which is about 382.48 yuan, including the power adapter.


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