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Corsair’s DDR5-6400 Memory Kits teased, could be coming soon to the next-gen gaming PC

by Ashish

Corsair mocked the upcoming DDR5 memory kits and memory modules, which will have very fast speeds. DDR5 memory technology will land on next-generation games and mainstream PC platforms in the third quarter of 2021.

Corsair said that the company has performed well in the existing Dominator and Vengeance series of DDR4 memory kits, and now they are in a leading position in providing products of the same quality as the DDR5 series.

According to the company, DDR5-6400 memory will provide up to 51 GB/s of bandwidth, which is twice the bandwidth of DDR4 memory and is much more efficient. It also pointed out that the storage capacity on a single storage module will reach an astonishing 128 GB.

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Corsair did not specify which storage kits it will launch in the next generation of products, but we can definitely look forward to the new Dominator series. As for the release of DDR5 memory, Corsair said that the memory will be released soon, and they will share more information about the memory technology and their respective products in the next few months.

There will be faster memory modules in the future, and speeds reported by other manufacturers during the research phase will exceed 10,000 MHz. It is expected that this year we will get memory capacities of 32, 64, and up to 128 GB, with speeds between 4800 MHz and 5600 MHz. TeamGroup previously reported that through LN2 cooling, the voltage on DDR5 memory can be increased to 2.6V.

As shown in previously leaked benchmark tests, DDR5 memory is expected to bring twice as much higher performance than DDR4. We have seen DDR4 reach speeds above 7 GHz under overclocking, so 10 GHz does not sound important for the next generation of memory, because SK Hynix & Micron provide faster DRAM chips to suppliers currently supplying memory manufacturers.

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