Cryptocurrency Ethereum is nearly US$4000, Bitcoin close to US$60000 mark

by Ashish

The Ethereum cryptocurrency continues its ascent, outlined a week ago: if four days ago it reached the level of about $ 3,500, now it is already preparing to storm the $ 4,000 mark! At the time of this writing, the news for 1 ETH is $ 3967, but by the end of the day, “ether” can go beyond the $ 4000 threshold.

If Ethereum is growing by leaps and bounds (by more than 12 percent per day), then Bitcoin is marking time – that is, at about $ 58,000. Nevertheless, he also gained a little over the week – about 2.5%.

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Meanwhile, Bitcoin which is the largest cryptocurrency in the world is getting closer to the US$60000 mark and is preparing to gain back its previous position. It is nearly impossible to determine the value fluctuation of these cryptocurrencies but as of now, they are gaining a lot of sum for the people investing in them.


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