Google Nest Hub surfaced on Bluetooth SIG certificate running Fuchsia 1.0

The operating system Fuchsia, which is being created by Google, has been known for several years. At the same time, there is still no clear understanding of why it is needed. Many people call it a replacement for Android, but Google at one time said that this is not the case.

Either way, it looks like the time has come for Fuchsia to become a consumer product. The Google Home Hub has appeared in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group database, which runs Fuchsia 1.0.

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It should be noted that the specified device is not new. It was introduced back in 2018, and then it was renamed the Nest Hub.

The appearance of an old product in the Bluetooth base with a new OS may indicate a new phase of testing. For example, it may be on Nest smart home devices that Fuchsia debuts for the first time.


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