Some Google Pixel users are unable to use wireless chargers after upgrading to Android 13

Google has already released a stable Android 13 update for Pixel phone users all around the world. It comes with tons of new features and a lengthy changelog with 150 bug fixes.


It seems like some users have now started facing issues after upgrading to the Android 13 update. The Pixel phones are unable to use wireless chargers after upgrading to Android 13, reported some users on Reddit.

As confirmed by users, their Pixel Stand 2 is not working/charging after upgrading to Android 13, other wifi chargers are not working either.

The issue is not limited to 2-3 users, we are attaching some of the responses below.

A Google Pixel 6 user wrote:

my phone doesn’t charge any more on the Pixel Stand 2 unless I restart the phone. After a day or so, if I just put my phone back on the charger, it won’t recognise it/won’t charge it at all unless I restart the phone.

Another says:

I have a similar issue with my Pixel 6 pro where it won’t detect the stand at all unless I restart the phone.

Google Pixel 4 XL owner says:

I installed Android 13 on my Pixel 4XL last night, now it won’t charge on the stand for more than a few minutes until it stops and I get a ‘Not charging’ message. It worked fine yesterday on Android 12

In one condition, another Pixel 4 XL user experienced a similar condition with the original Pixel Stand, he added that the device was showing a “Connected, not charging” status in battery settings.

More statements in one place:

4XL, same problem. Multiple wireless charger and adapter combo’s tried. No juice.


same phone. installed 13 yesterday on full battery. have tried phone with different wireless charging stations with no luck.


Wireless charging broke on both my 4xl and my wife’s as well. Will not charge on a stand or in the card wireless charger. Wireless is our primary method of charging and has worked fine since we owned the phones. The battery icon shows a lightning bolt like it is charging but it is not. Charger shows a red light and one phone shows the “realign phone” warning the other phone does not.


There are multiple users reporting the same issue, for more, you can click on the respective source linked in the above statements, don’t forget to check those threads’ comment section for more responses.

One user suggests a possible solution for this issue. He tried different methods to resolve this issue, attaching his response below.

Reboot into safe mode, try it on the stand and it should be working. Then reboot again normally and try it.

Hopefully, this will fix the reported issue. Are you facing a similar issue? Don’t forget to try the wireless charger after upgrading to Android 13.

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