Gmail A I update

Gmail on your phone runs faster than ever, thanks to A.I. update

Google has pushed an all-new A.I. (artificial intelligence) update for Gmail that makes the app more efficient on your phone. The change is mainly implemented for the search capability of the application, which will simplify the relevant tasks and operations.

With the onset of June 2023, the US tech giant has shared a new blog on its official workspace page. The information was about the A.I. update for the Gmail app. Eventually, the end users will find “top results” when they search their inboxes, making the exploration effortless.

The new category is added to inspect the search words and show up the most recent emails and other related factors as per the users’ query. Meanwhile, the results will be displayed at the top of the list in a dedicated section. It is worth mentioning that this addition will appear only on the machine learning-based models.

Here is what Google says on this matter:

“As part of our efforts to improve the search experience in Gmail on mobile, we are introducing a feature that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for with less effort.”

Ahead, the manufacturer said that this is a highly requested tweak that provides the most relevant information at first. It will further allow you to find specific files or emails more quickly and easily.

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The company has already begun rolling out this feature. Consequently, all users holding a Google account in their handy gadget can test and check on this feature visibility. For doing so, navigate to the Gmail search bar and type in relevant keywords to return that best match your search query.

Gmail A I update


Gmail on your phone runs faster than ever, thanks to A.I. update

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