Google allegedly begins AI features testing in Gmail for Android devices

Google Gmail AI features

Google is mainly focusing on AI techs these days and trying to build related features for its applications. In the latest edition, we found Google Mail (Gmail) with a handful of unique AI features in its new version.

According to the info, Google has already begun AI features testing for various apps, including Gmail. The list initially reads out the “Help me write” option. While there is the least idea of what the new tweak will perform, an assumption is it could help by giving writing suggestions.

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Further, external sources (9to5Google) reveal that tapping this alternative on the application will lead users to a text box with a prompt – ‘Tell Gmail what to write for you’. In case, the message is too short to go with, the feature will suggest you to ‘Keep writing to create a preview’.

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Once you are done with writing, you can hit the ‘Create’ tab. This will generate meaningful content, as per the speculation. Although there could be some more hidden elements, related to this feature that we may find in the time ahead.

Google Gmail AI features

For your information, the new feature appeared in the latest build version of Gmail – 2023.03.05.515729449. In addition to the AI-based functions, Gmail is also readying a ‘Refine my message’ feature. As the term reflects, it will improve and clarify the ‘already written content’ in the compose email area.

Moreover, you will get access to create or generate different content by tapping on the ‘View another’ option. Besides, you can add a thumbs up/down sign to the generated content, in order to add it to your favorites or suggestions.

The information also hints that Gmail and Docs will be the first to use AI generative features. No doubt, the company will roll out these additions in the coming days


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