Google announced new sidebar feature for its Chrome browser

Google Blog announced the launch of a new sidebar feature for the Chrome browser, designed to make searches more efficient, users do not need to open new tabs or return to the previous page.

A recent blog post by Google explains how the new feature works: Users are redirected to a web page when they click on a search result. Then a Google button pops up on the address bar that says “Open search in side panel”.

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Clicking this button will open a sidebar showing the search pages the user has previously visited. Users can also click on other results, which will open in the main window of the tab. New searches can also be made if the user wishes.

This feature is similar to Microsoft Edge’s sidebar, and it’s handy for comparing various search options. Users no longer have to click the back button endlessly to find the desired result.

Google Chrome sidebar featureThis isn’t Chrome’s first sidebar feature. Back in March, Google rolled out a similar feature that gave users quick access to their reading lists and bookmarks.

In addition to this, Google Chrome is also getting a new price tracking feature that has been in the Android app for several months.

When the user logs into the browser and visits the store page, the “Track Price” button will show up. If users click the button, they will be notified via email once the product becomes cheaper. But it’s not working properly yet.


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