Google Chrome 107 built-in search and dinosaur game optimized to support iOS 16 lock screen widget

Google recently released version 107.0.5304.66 of the Chrome browser for the iOS platform, bringing some new changes, including the introduction of the iOS 16 lock screen group for “Search in Chrome” and dinosaur games pieces.

There is now also support for sharing highlighted text sent to you by others, with the option to undo the highlighted status of that text. The official version of Chrome browser 107 desktop supports High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) decoding.

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Below is the update

  • You can now share highlighted text sent to you by others or choose to undo the highlighted status of that text.

  • Introduced lock screen widgets for Search in Chrome and dinosaur games.

  • Improved stability and performance.

Google Chrome 107 iOS 16 FeaturesHere are the highlights of the Chrome browser for iOS:

  • Search with Google – Google is built into the Chrome browser. You can do a quick Google search and get answers.

  • Quick Browsing – Choose from instant, personalized search results and quickly browse sites you’ve visited.

  • Search from Home Screen – Access Chrome from the iOS home screen with new widgets.

  • Sync Chrome data – When you’re signed in to Chrome, your bookmarks, saved passwords, and settings are automatically synced so you can access all of your information on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

  • Store passwords and payment methods – Chrome saves your passwords and payment information and automatically populates them into forms when you need them.

  • Voice Search – Get answers without manually typing text with Google Voice Search.

  • Easily manage tabs – See all your tabs in one view and easily group them.

  • Articles Recommended for You – Chrome shows you articles, blogs, and content we think you might like. The more often you use Chrome, the better the recommendations will be for you. This means that the right content for your needs is always at your fingertips without you having to look for it.

  • Google Translate – Chrome has Google Translate built-in, allowing you to translate entire websites with just one click.

  • Incognito Mode – You can browse in Incognito mode, where your history is not saved

  • Save desired sites – Save pages for later reading with bookmarks in Chrome


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