Google Chrome ‘past search queries’ appears on New Tab Page for Android devices

Google Chrome past search Android

Google has made some useful amendments to its Chrome browser for efficient performance and has added the ‘past search queries’ feature to the New Tab page on Android devices. As of result of this change, you would be able to look after the searches whenever you want.

According to the information, the feature has been confined to the testing phase for a few months. But in the current scenario, the Android maker released the past search query in a new way for Google Chrome users.

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In recent times, we gathered many tweaks for Google Chrome that will become clearly visible in the time ahead. Gladly, most of these points are related to history-based elements. For instance, the tech giant is already working on the easy deletion of browsing history.

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Consequently, the mentioned pinch will bring you a quick option for deleting 15 minutes of browsing history instantly. Google has pushed off this feature in the latest version of Chrome for Android devices, and it will soon be available widely.

Google Chrome past search Android

Back to the main topic, Google Chrome past search queries feature for Android devices is surfing live in the stable channel. Rather than a graphic image for the website, users will find a magnifying glass icon under which, the query text will be displayed.

Further, you will find up to 14 characters of the given query. While tapping on these texts will lead you to a new Google Search results page. On the other hand, you can long press on any of the queries to remove or frequently enable it to a visited webpage.

“Enables showing the most repeated queries, from the device browsing history, organically among the most visited sites in the MV tiles.”

You can download the latest version of Chrome and check the new function.


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