Google Contacts preparing new notifications feature to ease your pick for birthday alerts

Google Contacts birthday notifications feature

Google continues to push new additions to its applications and in the latest edition, we have the Contacts app, which is readying a unique birthday notifications feature. As the name reflects, this element will simplify picking some specific alerts and remind them accordingly.

So far, Android users with Google Messages app are aware of the ‘happy birthday’ text tweak. Eventually, this feature recognizes a birthday text in the respective person’s chat and asks whether you want to pin the person’s birthday in their info.

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In the current scenario, Google is baking a birthday notifications feature for the Contacts app. Consequently, this is a sorted way that reminds you about your friends and family members’ birth dates. On the other hand, it enables you to pick some specific birthdays that you want to be alerted for.

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To proceed with this feature, you have to fill in the birthday details of the particular person in the Contacts app. Once done, you will be able to find the “Add birthday notification” option in the top-right menu.

Google Contacts birthday notifications feature

Besides, the reminder function on the contact page of a person will provide an “Add notification” tab, if the person’s birthday is going to fall in the coming days. All these efforts are meant to help you sync related information about your friends and family members conveniently.

While the feature is an incredible addition to the Contacts app, there is still no way to enable notifications for every contact in the list at one time. Although, it could help to sync and transmit these notifications between devices efficiently.

The feature is in the development phase and will roll out in the upcoming time to users. Make sure that you keep the respective application up-to-date to enjoy new segments.

Another point is, you still have to enter birth info manually into Google Contacts to use the mentioned feature. However, we could expect the Android maker to implement a better way with this concern in the time ahead.

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