Google Docs Slides Gmail AI features

Google Docs, Slides and Gmail to support more generative AI features

Google is steadily moving its steps toward the AI features and we will surely grab its tweaks in the Docs, Slides, and Gmail apps. As per the latest revealings, the respective applications are ready to pick some more AI generative functionalities with exciting outcomes.

Consequently, the list begins with a Help me visualize panel in the Slides application. As the name reflects, the feature will help you to enter notes and will send image responses in return. Besides, the Style section includes Photography, Illustration, Flat Lay, Background, and Clipart and specifies how the results should be displayed.

Meanwhile, the Create tab produces new images and animates characters based on the selection in the Style section. It takes only 20 seconds to set up a custom image for the presentation.

Next is the Help me write option that will come with contextual suggestions for replies in Google Docs and Gmail. Eventually, the tech maker will add particular details to the reply it creates. This will simplify your content and make it more effective accordingly.

On the flip side, this change can also help when you would like to reschedule an upcoming event. All you have to do is, fill in the necessary inputs with the aid of AI features and save it in the drafts section.

Google Docs Slides Gmail AI features

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Last but not least, Google Docs is obtaining the facility to auto-generate smart chips for content created by the Help Me Write feature. It will act as a reminder to fill in specific tags. Such as job title, company name, and more. These new AI features and tweaks are part of Google Workspace and will soon make their way to your device in Gmail, Docs, and Slides applications.

Google Docs Slides Gmail AI features


Google Docs, Slides and Gmail to support more generative AI features

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