Google Maps Immersive View feature begins to rollout

Google Maps Immersive View feature

Google has finally started rolling out the Immersive View feature for its Maps application. After the topic was pulled out in the I/O 2022 event, the company has now initiated the respective tool to its consumers.

Yes! Google has announced the Maps Immersive View feature last year. Thereafter, the tech giant initially made the new segment available for five cities, including London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

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In the latest edition, a Reddit user confirmed some more places in this list and mapped out Berlin. Additionally, we could also find feature support for Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice in the upcoming month, as said by the Android maker.

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For your information, the Immersive View feature is so designed that you can get a clear understanding of a city before you visit it. Eventually, it consists of street views, landmarks, and other places. Further, it also describes weather and traffic details to generate a realistic structure of the location.

Besides, you can use the time slider to acknowledge how the place appears during the day as well as at night times. Meanwhile, you can switch to the aerial view and can even glance inside some of the buildings and restaurants.

Google Maps Immersive View feature

How to use it? Once you entered the location you want to visit, take your eyes to the gallery section. Here, the first picture will hold the ‘Immersive View’ tag, if supported for that location. Now tap the feature and you will be able to explore the place efficiently.

However, it is worth mentioning that scrolling the Google Maps app with Immersive View feature for 30 minutes can eat gobble up to 2GB of data (noted by a Reddit user). Thus, the feature is not an appropriate fit if you are using the application through mobile data.

The ultimate Immersive View feature is still underway in many cities. Thus we could expect a few improvements on this subject in the coming days.


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