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Google Maps Street View feature is coming back to Germany

After a pause of 10 years, the Google Maps Street View feature is finally coming back to Germany. The company has published a new blog on its official channel, highlighting the return of the most prominent feature in the European markets.

To those who are unaware, Street View in Maps application is a combination of several panoramic images. These snaps offer a virtual representation of surroundings on Maps. To be specific, you can virtually explore the world without stepping out of your home.

While the Google Maps Street View feature is quite effective to use, it was abandoned in Germany and other European places due to privacy concerns. Eventually, the security outcries and lawsuits made the tech maker cease the rollout of this tweak in the respective market in 2011.

However, in a recently shared blog, the company mentioned that the ultimate functionality is coming back on the German floor. On the other hand, to avoid any privacy-related conflicts, the US tech giant is working with the German government privacy agency, to meet the imagery requirements under data privacy regulations.

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One of these rules is to delete older images. Thus, you won’t be able to use Street View to travel in your history. The information further states that Google will return to capturing new Street View by June 22. Probably, things will be fine from every side this time.

An update for Google Maps was much needed. It would be worth seeing what else the company will release in the region with the revamped version and new Street View feature.

Google Maps Street View Germany


Google Maps Street View feature is coming back to Germany

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