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Google News gets a new makeover with Material You

Google is constantly adding the flavor of Material You in each of its applications, and Google News is the latest one to grab it. In the latest development, the US tech giant has added redesigned widgets to the respective app, and it is available to download on your smartphone.

Eventually, the Google News app with Material You will now show you pill-shaped indicators at the bottom navigation bar. It will further indicate the current tab that you are viewing, which will hint that the latest application update is running live for you.

Although it is worth mentioning that a few key features are still missing. For instance the dynamic theming. As of result of which, the interface of the app will not swap colors of the app to match your home screen’s wallpaper. Instead, it will appear in a blue shade.

The information further reveals that Google is rolling out the new changes with version 5.82. Alongside new tweaks, you will find a 2 x 2 Quick View widget to highlight one specific news story with a ‘Full Coverage’ button.

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On the flip side, the “List View” widgets will also take place and exhibit the headlines as a list with a “More news for you” tab at the end. As you will resize, one widget will flow into another so as to make the gestures convenient for you.

  • Download Google News 5.82 – APK File

The manufacturer has started pushing off the new version of Google News to its users. However, you can take a chance to install the update using the above-mentioned link.

Google News Material You


Google News gets a new makeover with Material You

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