Google Pixel Watch to bring a full day battery life

Google Pixel Watch battery

In today’s era, the smartwatch becomes an essential part of everyone’s life similar to smartphones. But, everyone wishes that their wearables should have a longer battery life no matter what technology has equipped with the smartwatch.

Previously, Google has confirmed that it is working on Pixel Watch. However, it was also reported that the upcoming smartwatch will be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 9110 chipset and feature health sensors. Recently, we have got some inputs related to the battery life of Google’s first smartwatch.

Early rumors of the Google Pixel Watch suggest that it might have made some progress and said to bring a battery that full day battery life in a single charge. According to the previous information, Pixel Watch comes with a 300mAh battery more than Galaxy Watch 4, and will offer cellular connectivity.


Google Pixel Watch battery

To be mentioned, this is the estimate Google currently has at this stage in its pre-release life cycle and may change prior to launch. On the flip side, it is still unknown whether the watch supports an always-on display or all those exclusive Fitbit features.

Additionally, there are many features that might arrive with Pixel Watch such as sleep tracking, track slumber, and more. Also, the expected new USB-C charger in Pixel Watch will surely give a boost of fast-charging power for a full day.

The Pixel watch’s full charging is estimated or closer to 110 minutes and it took to top up the Galaxy Watch 4, and somewhat longer, which we previously considered “just not fast enough.”

(Source: 9to5Google)

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