Google Pixel Watch will feature USB-C charger, shares a component with Apple Watch

Google Fans, here comes the good news, Google Pixel Watch assures to feature a USB-C charger. On the other hand, the company has turned to Taiwan’s Compal Electronics for the manufacturing of Pixel Watches.


Let me tell you, that Compal Electronics is the same manufacturer that has built the Apple smartwatches. A straightforward reason that Google saw while signing Compal for manufacturing the Pixel Watch is the quality.

The Taiwan firm has been a constant manufacturer of Apple’s wearables. Further, it has a good experience with the compact and precise form factors. Hence, the US firm decided to choose the company for its weary gadget as well.

Pixel Watch with USB-C Charger

Google Pixel Watch will feature a USB-C charger at the other end of the device. Thus, Pixel Watch is at the top for the moment, in comparison to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Fitbit Sense, and Versa 3, which are still standing on USB-A adapters. As a result, users will be able to charge the watch with Battery Share as well as connect the cable directly to the phone.

Google Pixel Watch USB-C charger

Pixel Watch models have also appeared for BlueTooth Certification from April. Moreover, these models most likely highlight the US region where GQF4C only features BlueTooth and Wi-Fi bands. Whereas model numbers GBZ4S and GWT9R support LTE bands as well.

List of LTE Bands for the US


  • LTE Band 5
  • LTE Band 7
  • LTE Band 26


  • LTE Band 2
  • LTE Band 4
  • LTE Band 5
  • LTE Band 12
  • LTE Band 13
  • LTE Band 17
  • LTE Band 25
  • LTE Band 26
  • LTE Band 66
  • LTE Band 71


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