Google Play Games beta on Windows PCs continues global expansion

Google Play Games is a PC program developed by Google, through which you can play mobile games on a PC. Google launched an initial beta of the software on Windows PCs earlier this year, but only in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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Today Google announced the expansion of the beta service to the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. The games currently available on Google Play Games include 85 games including “Air Force 1945”, “Blade Idle”, “Cookie Run: Kingdom”, and “Evony: The King’s Return”. The app even supports syncing game progress between PC and mobile devices, so players can continue playing on different platforms.

Google Play Games Beta Countries“We’re excited to expand our platform to more markets, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games on Google Play,” said Arjun Dayal, Game Director, Google Play. “As we move toward full launch, we’ll continue adding new features and evaluate developer and player feedback.”

Google Play Games differs from what Microsoft has been doing to bring Android apps to Windows 11. Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to offer games and apps from the Amazon Appstore in its latest Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft built a low-level Windows subsystem for Android in Windows 11, but Google is creating its own separate app to bring its Google Play Android games to PC.


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