Google Contacts app upgrade

Google to renovate Contacts app with an impressive upgrade

Google is planning to renovate the Contacts app with a special upgrade. Eventually, the upcoming version will mainly hold new changes and design tweaks for the application. Let’s dive into the details and learn how this service will boost your experience with the next app update.

According to a Google analyst @Nail_Sadykov, the Contacts app will soon get a major upgrade. Also, the next version will carry out several amendments regarding icons, new features, sharing, and more. In addition, you will also find a new Google Maps location-sharing slate in the app.

From the name, the feature will show the time and weather of the person’s location, based on the entered information. If that particular contact has the new feature enabled, a tile will display their location directly within the application.

Besides, the upgrade will impose a View in Maps option to see the person’s location in Maps. Next, you will find separate icons for each function, and the contact’s profile pic will appear in a small circle rather than on the full screen.

Last but not least, you will also get a new tile in the Highlights tab that will suggest contacts to add to your favorites list.

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At present, the build already has some of the elements. Though these additions require server-side activation. Moreover, it is not possible to make these changes visible before the official release.

  • Redesigned Calls, Text, etc. buttons, which are now presented as a circle with an icon inside.
  • A new ‘Google Maps – Location sharing’ tile, which when clicked will open a map with the contact’s location (if they have shared the location with you).
  • A new tile will appear on the ‘Highlights’ tab with Suggestions for who to add to your favorites. As stated, this is “based on who you interact with most”.

Google Contacts app upgrade


Google to renovate Contacts app with an impressive upgrade

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