How to check Play Protect Certificate on your Android device

Google Play Protect certificate

Google Play Protect is a company’s security feature for all Android devices. Google issues the Play Protect Certificate to Android devices to provide security and reliability to the device.

Play Protect keeps all the unwanted and dangerous stuff away from your device. While downloading any app from the Play store or if you open a URL it always informs you about whether the app is secure or not.

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Moreover, the in-built security application automatically scans all the existing apps on the device and recommends you remove those apps that are detected as harmful.

The users are also warned about the apps that can violate their personal information. Alongside this, it also monitors web browsing through the Chrome browser and warns the user to not proceed further.

A Play Protect certificate is the most important asset for Android phones. Google provides the certificate to those Android devices that pass a series of compatibility tests.

If the devices are not certified then they are vulnerable to security risks. It may cause your device to experience strange behaviors.

To check whether your Android device is Play Protect Certified or not follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android device
  • Now tap on your profile picture present in the top-right corner
  • Now go to the Settings option
  • Then tap on About
  • Here you can check the Play Protect certification of your device.

Hopefully, it reads your device is certified and if not then immediately contact your device manufacturer. And ask for a certified device that has passed all the compatibility tests.

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