Pixel 7 Pro leak suggests Google may not be ready to adopt Armv9 CPUs just yet

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro display leaks ahead of launch

At the Google I/O conference, Google disclosed the Pixel 7 series of mobile phones that will be officially released this fall. According to the previously revealed Pixel 7 Pro prototype, the device will be equipped with a new generation of Google’s self-developed Tensor 2 processor.


According to Android Authority, a user of Google’s Pixel 7 Pro prototype contacted the Google News Telegram team. Since the Pixel 7 Pro prototype can no longer enter the system, the details of this Pixel 7 Pro prototype cannot be obtained, but according to the early boot log of the device can get more information about the Pixel 7 Pro screen and Google’s self-developed processor Tensor 2.

Logs obtained by the Google News and Telegram team indicate that this Pixel 7 Pro prototype uses the Samsung S6E3HC4 as its display panel, while the previous generation Pixel 6 Pro uses the S6E3HC3, which is in line with the previous rumors that the Pixel 7 Pro will use the same Pixel 6 Pro. Different messages for the same panel.

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro display leaks ahead of launchFor Google’s self-developed processor Tensor 2, the Google News and Telegram team said that according to the log, it can be determined that Tensor 2 will adopt a 2+2+4 layout, that is, it consists of two super-large cores, two large cores, and four small cores.

On top of that, the Google News Telegram team says the logs suggest that the Tensor 2’s small core will use an Arm Cortex-A55. You know, Arm Cortex-A55 is in the ArmV8 architecture, and the latest ArmV9 architecture (Arm Cortex-X2, ArmCortex-A710, and Arm Cortex-A510) does not have Arm Cortex-A55, and ArmV8 core and ArmV9 core cannot be mixed.

Therefore, the Arm Cortex-A55 small core was found in the Google Pixel 7 Pro, indicating that Tensor 2 is likely to miss ArmV9 and use the previous generation ArmV8.

In contrast, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 and Dimensity 9000 used in current Android flagship phones are based on ArmV9 design. If the power consumption of Snapdragon 8+ is solved, Tensor 2 may lag behind again this time. Android flagship.

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