YouTube Music recommends ‘Covers and remixes’ of your favorite songs

YouTube Music Covers remixes

YouTube Music has now aligned a new tab in the application namely – Covers and remixes. Eventually, this addition will lead you to a list of your favorite songs or the ones you listen to frequently.

For your information, the Covers and remixes tab in the YouTube Music app acts as a ‘Quick Picks’ option. In this tab, you will find four songs on each of the five pages. Moreover, you can track a miniature cover art, name, and artist with an overflow menu on the right side.

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As mentioned, the new feature will bring you close to the songs and genres that you used to listen to on daily basis. Consequently, this ability is a blessing for those, who often have to search for their favorite songs by spending hours scrolling the app.

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On the other hand, it will also save you from losing your lovable songs and surfing them in the original albums. Ultimately, it is a feature that many users have been looking for in the respective app.

YouTube Music Covers remixes

Adding more, you can find the reflective feature at the bottom of the home feed in the application. The company has already started rolling this segment on a wider basis for Android, iOS, and web-based apps.

Thus, you may get the amazing element with the latest version of the YouTube Music app. In addition to the Covers and Remixes, you may also notice, the ‘Trending songs’ tab in the similar list outlook, containing some personalized music and songs, based on your searches.

So! Make your way to the Play Store and install the latest version of the YouTube Music application to enjoy the new add-ons and their perks.


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