Huawei launches new 220V/1000Wh outdoor power bank

Huawei outdoor power bank

Recently, the Chinese tech giant Huawei has launched a new outdoor power bank with two different supply support options. This time, the company has brought this smart gadget supporting a huge power supply of 500Wh and 1000Wh.

The related information shows that the famous online retailing platform- has oped the pre-sale for both power banks. Speaking about the price, the 500Wh variant will cost 2450 Yuan while the 1000Wh variant will cost 4550 Yuan at present.

Huawei outdoor power bank

The info mentioned on JD also reveals that users will be getting complimentary gifts after purchasing this smart accessory. The gifts valued at around 299 Yuan, include a battery storage bag and an outdoor flashlight device. Now, let’s check look at the specifications of this device.

Huawei Outdoor Power Bank:

According to the findings, the Huawei 220V/1000Wh power bank can be used in various scenarios such as home emergency, outdoor work, open-air camping, night vision at stalls, and more. Users will find two output slots of 220V AC support, a Type-C interface, and a 60W fast charging slot.

Moving ahead, it offers five charging methods that include car, Type-C, solar, and mixed charging (car charger + solar/mains + Type-C). Where the 500Wh version can be fully charged in 3 hours, the larger one takes 4.5 hours only.

Going with the report, the Huawei power backup device is composed of an aluminum alloy shell to retain heat dissipation. The device has a small body size with lightweight material, making it easier to carry along. In terms of safety, it has many measurements, that namely includes the following.

  1. Charge overvoltage protection
  2. Discharge undervoltage protection
  3. Short circuit protection
  4. Discharge overcurrent protection
  5. Charge overcurrent protection
  6. Temperature protection

Huawei outdoor power bank

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