Lingsheng Technology 4G smartphone SoC JR510 launched, will equipped on Xiaomi Poco C40

Lingsheng Technology today announced the launch of the 4G smartphone chip platform JR510. The chip platform is mainly for the mobile communication field and is the second heavyweight chip platform released by Lingsheng Technology after its establishment.

According to the official introduction, JR510 is based on an octa-core architecture, with balanced performance and power consumption, and has powerful image and AI processing performance, which can meet the needs of multiple applications in the mobile era, and empower mobile smart terminal products to benefit more users and scenarios. Lingsheng Technology JR510 has now entered the stage of mass production.


The JR510 uses Samsung’s 11nm FinFET process and is equipped with an octa-core ARM Cortex A55 CPU and an ARM Mali G52 GPU. JR510 is the first to introduce independent hardware AI acceleration ( NPU ) engine and vision processor ( vDSP ) in entry-level and mid-range smart chip architecture. Among them, the HW AI engine can provide 1.2Tops computing power, and Video DSP can efficiently target complete image algorithm processing.

In terms of shooting, the JR510 supports AI high dynamic range (AI HDR) in mobile phone shooting and supports AI dual-microphone noise reduction (AI voice). Using the leading performance (ISP) architecture, it can support up to 16 million + 16 million dual cameras, and 25 million / 50 million single-camera shooting.

It can be customized to support front dual-camera and rear quad-camera shooting. vDSP graphics processing can further support functions such as face recognition, smart beauty, and image noise reduction during shooting.

In addition, JR510 supports a video 1080P+ (21:9) resolution screen, and the frame rate can reach 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, JR510 supports VP9 / H.265 / H.264 decoding and H.265 / H.264 encoding at 1080P resolution.

In terms of interface, Lingsheng Technology JR510 adopts GSM 4G LTE Modem and wireless connection (WCN) technology, supports LPDDR4x memory, eMMC 5.1, and UFS 2.1 storage solutions, and supports USB 2.0, SDIO 3.0, I2S, I2C, UART, and other peripheral interfaces.

Moreover, Xiaomi will launch the Poco C40 mobile phone overseas on June 16. This mobile phone is equipped with a JR510 chip, equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. The machine is mainly cost-effective, equipped with a 6.71-inch HD+ resolution IPS LCD screen, uses a 13MP main camera, supports 18W fast charging, and is equipped with a 6000mAh battery.


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