NVIDIA RTX 4090/4080/4070 graphics card specifications leaked ahead of launch

The revealer kopite7kimi released the latest news of the RTX 4090/4080/4070 specification information, which has added some details compared to the last news for your reference.


RTX 4090

GPU model AD102-300-A1, 16384 FP32 core, GPU frequency up to 2750MHz, video memory 384bit 21Gbps 24G GDDR6X, power consumption 450W.

RTX 4080

GPU model AD103-300-A1, 10240 FP32 core, video memory is 256bit 21Gbps 16G GDDR6X, power consumption 420W.

RTX 4070

GPU model AD104-275-Kx-A1, 7168 FP32 core, video memory is 160bit 18Gbps 10G GDDR6, power consumption 300W.

According to the news, the above are the three graphics cards that Nvidia launched this year. After that, Nvidia may announce models such as the RTX 4060 and RTX 4050 at CES early next year. The release time of NVIDIA RTX 40 is expected to be from September to October.

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