OnePlus 9 Pro OxygenOS 13.1 feedback

A OnePlus 9 Pro user raises positive feedback on OxygenOS 13.1

OnePlus 9 Pro started receiving OxygenOS 13.1 and the phone users are raising feedback on how the latest update is offering a new life and efficient experience to their devices. Following the trend, a consumer shared a list of changes he observed in the new software version.

The story outline begins when a OnePlus 9 Pro owner entered the community form and presented positive feedback on OxygenOS 13.1 update. According to the details, the device user has described his experience related to every segment of the phone.

From the UI section to the battery backup, he uttered every single change that OxygenOS 13.1 brought to the surface. So without any further ados, let’s tour the ultimate offerings of the latest firmware for the top-end model – the OnePlus 9 Pro.

As per the shared inputs, the animations in the user interface have become quite smoother. This action has eventually made the handset more responsive and productive toward users’ operations. Perhaps, you won’t encounter unnecessary lags or buffers while operating several tasks.

Besides, the user praises the battery backup and says that it is optimum. Consequently, he obtained a screen time of 5.5 hours on a 5G network and moderate use after the major update. If it doesn’t count as good, it cannot be called bad either.

In addition, the phone holder flaunts the O Relax app. It is quite surprising as this app is often considered as bloatware. However, the user said that the respective application works flawlessly and is effective in day-to-day usage.

While there were so many good points, the user said that an issue has continued even with the new firmware. The details reveal that there are initial jitters in the 4K and 8K videos. Though he remained optimistic and anticipate to see a fix in the future update.

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So OnePlus 9 Pro users! What are your thoughts on the latest OxygenOS 13.1 update? Are you happy with the new tweaks or facing any issues with this firmware? Let us know in the comment section.

OnePlus 9 Pro OxygenOS 13.1 feedback

A OnePlus 9 Pro user raises positive feedback on OxygenOS 13.1

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